How to Add Style and a Modern Touch to Your Home With Aluminium

Adding metal accents to your home can make it look more modern and also add some light and brightness, as metal reflects and bounces around light in a room. You can easily add aluminium accents without making the material look overwhelming or making your home seem too industrial; you might work with an aluminium fabricator to create such pieces for your home. Note a few suggestions and what you might discuss with them and add to your space.


Adding a metal covering for your benchtop can make it look very bright and clean, and metal doesn't hold bacteria and germs very easily. You don't necessarily need to remove the benchtops in your kitchen now; aluminium especially is very easy to bend and fabricate and fit around your current surfaces. The pieces can then be riveted and attached to the underside of the benchtop; this can be done in one long piece so your kitchen benchtops have a uniform, seamless look. The metal will also reflect light in a small or dark kitchen.

Exhaust hood

If you have an exhaust hood over your stovetop, note the material. It may be ceramic, to match the surface of the stove itself. You can replace it with metal for a bold focal point over the stove. As with benchtops, a good metal fabricator may be able to cut and fit aluminium over the current exhaust hood so you don't need to have it removed and replaced altogether.

Art framing

Note the frames of the artwork and mirrors you have on the wall. Adding metal frames can mean bouncing around light; this is a good choice for a small bathroom, where you can add an aluminium frame around the mirror to make the space seem larger and brighter. The metal can also be stamped in a pattern to add even more visual appeal; this might be a lattice or circles that break up the look of a square mirror.

Rolling bar cart

Do you have a rolling bar cart in your home, for the dining room or living room area? If so, or if you're in the market for a new one, choose aluminium or stainless steel. This means having light reflected every time you use the cart; this is especially good for a party, when you may dim the lights and your space suddenly seems too dark. An aluminium cart can reflect the light you do keep during any such event.