Three Important Considerations for Selecting the Ideal Goalposts

If you are looking to purchase athletic goalposts, it is important for you to evaluate the different products in the market. This will help you identify the best features for your potential personal or commercial application. In addition, goalposts are not similar in quality, so careful assessment during the selection process will allow you to find the most suitable and durable items. Here is a brief description of the main factors that you should consider before buying athletic goalposts.


Goalposts are often exposed to adverse climatic conditions as well as high mechanical impact during games. Therefore, you should choose products made from materials which will last long and perform exceptionally. In general, there are three main material options available from most suppliers: aluminium, steel and plastic. Plastic goalposts are inexpensive, portable and stable in harsh environments. However, they are prone to damage from continual mechanical impact.

Steel is a good option for durable goalposts. This material can withstand force without distortion, and the pertinent products are relatively economical for general consumers. On the other hand, the metal is heavy limiting portability, and the surfaces are prone to rust if not galvanised properly. Aluminium is the ideal medium between the alternatives, although the cost is fairly high. It is strong and durable as well as resistant to rust and corrosion. In addition, the metal is lightweight which enhances portability.

Goalpost Size

Naturally, when buying athletic goalposts, you must consider the design in relation to the games in which you plan to use the products. However, you must also remember that there are different sizes for each category of goal posts. Therefore, you should evaluate the potential users or players and determine the best match. If the athletic field is intended for use by adults or older teenagers, you can select the standard size recommended for professional players. These are commonly known as senior goal posts. There are also junior and mini goalposts for younger children. The latter are small products designed for small kids and the junior are intended for pre-teens.

Included Accessories

Finally, you should check the accessories included with the purchase of the goalposts. These will determine the ease of installation into the field. Ideally, you should choose products with accompanying steel inserts. These will act as weights to stabilise the goalposts when you are setting up the field. In addition, if you will fasten a net to the posts, you should choose those which come with slide track attachments for easy installation.

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