Plastic Injection Moulding: Reducing the Cost of Your Manufacturing Project

Injection moulding is an ideal process for manufacturing plastic parts and products. In general, this method allows the creation of custom polymer items through the placement of molten resin is a pre-manufactured mould. Therefore, you will enjoy exceptional fabrication versatility and high-quality production. Unfortunately, the cost of the injection moulding process can be considerably high. If you are concerned about the financial impact of your plastic manufacturing project, you should think about using the below-outlined guidelines to reduce your expenses.

Reduce Your Mould Costs

The cost of a plastic product made using the injection moulding process will be influenced by the complexity of the mould design. In simple terms, the mould is fabricated in the shape of your desired part or product, allowing molten resin to be created into your design. The mould is typically manufactured using metals such as tool steel. Therefore, the cost of the initial creation can be high. You should inquire about your options for mould metals and compare the potential expenses. Also, you should consider making the design of your parts simpler. Shaping hard metals into an intricate mould can be a costly undertaking. 

Choose an Inexpensive Resin

Your choice of polymer resin for the plastic manufacturing process will have an impact on your project expenses. Therefore, it is essential to choose a suitable material which will help you control your costs. You should consider the cost of purchasing different resins and make a thorough comparison before making your decision. The price of plastics will depend on the quality of the material, performance properties and general availability in your area. However, you should be careful not to choose the least expensive choice. Instead, make sure that your elected plastic delivers your required performance while providing value for your money. You should be careful about choosing resins with abrasive materials such as carbon and mineral fibres. These particles can cause premature wear of your mould.

Consider Lowering the Tolerance

It is crucial for your custom plastic parts to conform to the dimensions of your design. This aspect will ensure the optimal functionality and ideal appeal of your completed products. However, if you insist on tight tolerance for your items, you will increase the injection moulding expenses. In simple terms, if you want your plastic parts to have highly accurate dimensions, the metal mould will require additional manufacturing work to ensure extreme precision in measurements. As a result, you will need to pay for specialised tooling and the extra labour required for mould creation.