What to Look for in a Mountain Bike Toy Hauler

You may have been using a car or trunk mounted rack to help tote your toys, like bicycles, on your adventures. Overtime, you may have found that you are carrying more equipment. For example, you may have tire pumps, replacement tires and other tools. If this sounds like your current situation, then you may be considering a toy hauler purchase. Before you go out and buy one that looks like it may work for you, consider these three things to look for in the ideal toy hauler for your mountain bike adventurers.

Interior Lighting

One of the ideal options for many mountain bikers looking into toy haulers is an interior lighting setup. There are several benefits to having interior lighting in the toy hauler. One of the benefits is to help with repairs that may need to be done in the evening when natural light is not available. Remember, most of the time you will be on trails and camping areas. You will want the proper lighting to make the repairs, clean your bikes and ensure there is nothing wrong with the bikes before the next trail day.


You may not think of insulation as an option with your toy haulers. The truth is, having the right insulation around any windows or entryways into the hauler is vital to maintaining your mountain bikes during travel. Keep in mind, you may be traveling during high humidity or even during various weather changes if the trip is longer. Insulation means keeping out humidity and cold conditions that could change the environment and temperature of the hauler. This temperature change can cause rust or other issues with your bikes over time.

Built-In Shelving

Built-in shelving in your toy hauler can offer the much needed travel storage you need for various items. For example, you can store chains, nuts, bolts and tools for your mountain bikes. You can also use the shelving to store backpacks, water bladders and other items that you will use during camping on the trail and biking the trail as well. Keep in mind, you will want shelving that either has some kind of secure system such as doors or restraints. This will keep items secure during travel.

By keeping these three key points in mind when you go shopping for a toy hauler for your mountain bikes, you can help narrow down the ideal option. When you are ready, visit your local caravan sales lot or toy hauler manufacturer like Absolute Metal Fabrications for pricing and ordering details.