3 Techniques to Get Rid of Unwanted Graffiti Like a Pro

Unsolicited graffiti on your walls is typically unwanted, no matter its artistic quality or subject matter. It's almost like vandalism, which in most cases can be termed illegal on private or public units. Cleaning up graffiti can take much of your resources, time and effort. That's why many businesses hire professional graffiti removal services for the job. There are various ways to eliminate graffiti from your walls, and this post discusses three techniques to get the job done. Read on and learn. 

Implement Pressure Washing

Using the right pressure washer, you can manage to clean away graffiti from different surfaces, especially when it's just newly painted. When using a pressure washer, always keep the spray wand close to the target surface while spraying at an angle. This technique allows water pressure to peel off and chip away graffiti efficiently from the surfaces.

Remember, avoid spraying the graffiti directly as this can push the paint deeper into the surface. Sometimes, the paint used on the graffiti can be too difficult to remove with plain water pressure. That means that you'll require harsher techniques to get the paint off from your surfaces.

Use Appropriate Solvents and Other Paint Removal Products

One way to deal with stubborn graffiti is by using appropriate solvents that can dissolve the paint. When dealing with graffiti on concrete, cement or brick surfaces, consider using extra-strength paint removers. They have specific instructions about the application method and the time required to activate. After activation, you can use pressurised water to rinse off the paint from your surfaces. 

As for older graffiti, consider turpentine that can work wonders in removing hardened paints. However, you can try mineral or white spirits when dealing with freshly painted graffiti. They are excellent substitutes to turpentine, whose odour is highly offensive. On the other hand, consider naphtha for crayon-painted graffiti or lacquer thinner for spray-painted graffiti. When using these solvents, however, ensure to wear a respirator mask and rubber gloves. 

Use Sandblasting Techniques

This technique is considered the fastest and most effective way to get rid of any form of graffiti from your surfaces. It's harsher than the techniques mentioned earlier and recommended for the toughest graffiti. Sandblasting involves the use of abrasive media shot at high pressure towards a painted surface to remove the paint effectively. 

While sand is commonly used in this technique, other mediums such as steel shots and grit, glass beads, and other powdered abrasives can still get the job done. However, that depends on the severity of the graffiti painting as well as the surface. Consider sandblasting for the toughest and most stubborn graffiti on your surfaces. 


These are the three most reliable methods to deal with unwanted graffiti on your walls. However, it'll help if you worked closely with a graffiti removal professional.